The best diet?

Hi all. A lot of opinions so I’ll add my two cents worth.
Due to a number of physical fitness worries I’ve turned to some private fitness trainer that has worked out an exercise programme depending on my individual needs. The exercises comprise those who boost muscle strength and will strengthen central center and my lower back. (I ‘m a 65 yr old man by the way). Additionally contained are flexibility work outs and sport specific weight. Vicky that’s, she, is an extremely revered fitness trainer who has worked with other sports people, Tennis, Rugby and Premier League footballers. She also is not unaware that I problems with that. no do the 5:2 diet and has She’s also conscious of my weight reduction goals and concurs that losing weight is a possible section of my programme.. She implies a breakfast and heavy throughout the day on vegetables for the low carbs. She truly believes in the Paleo diet but hasn’t shoved me.
do it.